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Old Vines

Sometimes a winemaker gets inspired not just about the fruit of a vine, but also the vine itself.


Groendruif is the Afrikaans name for Semillon.  This special wine is made from South Africa's oldest registered Semillon block.

It has 84 years worth of history, heritage and stories all in one and bottled exclusively in magnums.


In this bottle, I see more than just the complex tastes and personalities you would expect from a 84 year old vine.
I see families enjoying a special heritage that a great grandfather planted 84 years ago, and the grandchildren can enjoy still today.


Here in South Africa, we are graced with an interesting phenomenon where one vine will grow both red and white grapes at the same time.
Interesting though, the 2020 vintage only had green grapes.

To explain this wine in a few paragraphs is nearly impossible.  When enjoying it over a few days, you will be taken through time as every day will bring something new to the nose and palate.




100% Semillon



Alc:  12%

RS:   1.6 g/L

TA:   6.5 g/L

pH:  3.4

Groendruif Semillon 2020
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