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Natural Sweet MOURVÈDRE 2014

Many years ago, one of my importers in London asked that I make him a sweet wine that he could pair with the cheese board at his restaurant.


For years I thought he was joking, until his regular insistence demanded action on my part. So I found a block of Mourvèdre in the Swartland, and let the sun go to work. The result is our naturally sweet Mourvèdre. It is rich and full-bodied, but with a strong line of acidity to keep the wine balanced and ensure that it can be enjoyed at any time.


This wine is a great alternative to Port and fortified wines, and also pairs beautifully with dessert. 



100% Mourvèdre



Alc:  14%

RS:   55g/l

TA:   8.0 g/l

pH:  3.23

Natural Sweet Mourvedre 2014
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