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The past year, doing in-person tastings have become quite challenging however there are ways to get together still...even if it is in virtual space.




What does a Virtual Tasting consists of and how does it work?
  • Once registered and paid, we will send you a sample kit the week before the tasting date
  • Each tasting is different - it will contain 4 - 6 wines packaged in a 100ml bottle for each wine
  • The virtual tasting will be conducted via Google Meet - you will receive the link a day or two prior
  • Unless otherwise stated, we will start at 19h00 and end at 20h00
  • If you are interested in a group virtual tasting, please contact Hanlie - for more info
Vineyard 1March 3_edited.jpg

26 October
7pm - 8pm
R390 p/p


  • White Blend 2010

  • Langpad Colombard 2021

  • Chenin Blanc 2020

  • Werfdans Cinsault 2016

  • Grenache 2019



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